I just wanted to thank you for helping me train my 18 month old dog, Katara.

I had contacted you because Katara needed to be trained in obedience and manners.

She was generally a good dog, but I was unable to get her to listen to me.

She would always bark at people walking in front of our house and run off and chase other dogs while out walking.

I really liked the fact that you came out to our home for the lessons.

That meant Katara was around familiar surroundings and I could really concentrate on listening and watching you as you demonstrated the techniques to use.

I could then teach Katara which was good behaviour and which behaviour I did not want - no matter how cute she is!!


It was amazing how quickly Katara caught on.

Dogs are so smart, they listen well once you know how.

She now sits on command.

She will stop barking on command when people walk in front of our house.

She now walks along-side of me while out walking and when I give her the command to leave other dogs alone, she listens.

We are still teaching her to eventually walk without a leash (come when called) but, as you said, that will take time, but I know she will get there.


I appreciate the handouts that you gave me with each lesson.

If I forget anything, I can refresh myself by reading these.

You genuinely have a love for dogs and that showed in the way you handled Katara. It is so nice to have a well behaved dog!! Thank you.

I would be happy to be a referral for you as I appreciate the amazing job you have done. Thank you again for my 'well behaved dog'.


Evelyn (North Shore)



Thank you for helping us train our little rascal Maltese, Toby.

The difference in his ongoing improvement is fantastic.

He is now an almost, always, obedient dog and by continuing the training we received by you, it is only a matter of time before we will have our perfect dog.

We have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so as we have living proof of the effectiveness of your training.



Loretta and Allan (North Shore)



We have been using Rachel’s service for over a year and she has been a wonderful addition to our life. We work extreme hours and to have Rachel walk our dogs is very reassuring - the dogs adore her and she even offered to take the dogs to the vets when I've been at work! Her experience with dogs is very reassuring when they've been under the weather and she's passed on valuable knowledge and advice to us

in regards to training, feeding etc. I highly recommend Rachel’s service

to any dog owner.


Tracey (West Harbour)



I met Rachel 3 yrs ago when Max, my delightful border collie, was pulling on the lead and not responding well to dogs running up and around him, she taught me some great techniques that are very effective. When I was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year I was so relieved that Rachel could take Max out for walks during my treatment and

recovery, having a happy content Max was/is excellent therapy.

Very important to me is that Rachel is a professional trainer and I can

trust her with Max and he adores her.


Anne-Maree (Te Atatu)



I attended puppy training classes but felt that further input was required to assist me in the training of my puppy.

A friend recommended I contact Rachel.


Rachel came to my home for two 2 hour training

sessions and a third session of training was undertaken at

the park.

I never realized there was so much you could learn about training dogs.


After each session, I felt I would never remember all the training, guidance and information Rachel had shared with me.

Thank goodness Rachel provided me with a written outline of the training undertaken at each session so that I could continually refer back to this.


Rachel is very knowledgable and patient, she teaches in a way that is easy to understand and uses actions that are manageable and adaptable to each individual.


Three months later I am gaining confidence and my puppy is learning.

Training is an ongoing process and with Rachel's initial teaching and guidance, my puppy and I are continuing to learn and develop.


I would recommend Rachel to anyone who needs support in training their dog.

Thank you Rachel.


Maureen, Waimauku



We had another ‘win’ with Stella yesterday – I’d taken her to the park on the short lead and she was walking really well.

Transferred her to the long

 line and went to where we’d

been the day before to

practice recall and ‘leave its

again. Stella was doing well

with both.

Stayed with me on the long lead and we walked up a different path to go home.

Put her on the short lead when we got close to the road and she was doing well there too – walking right beside me.

Got to the corner and this enormous Bull Mastiff the size of a horse flew at her. He wasn’t being nasty – he’s actually a lovely dog and he was only wanting to say hi and play but he’s extremely big and extremely loud and frightened the daylights out of her.

Anyway, Stella flipped and as I was bending down to her she twisted and slipped her collar and ran into the road. I shouted her name and she stopped and looked, then made to run off again but I managed to get at more treats and called ‘here’ – and she came!

Straight away.

My heart was thumping I can tell you, but I was so proud of her. Anyway,

I was thanking my lucky stars that you’d done recall the day before and thank goodness she was listening!

My hearts thumping just thinking about it.