My dogs....

All my dogs have had or have their own unique character, temperament and learning abilities which have taught me to closely observe and adapt inter-species communication to maximise good manners and behaviour acceptable to the public and family members, and the challenge of competitive working skills.


I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you



After Holly came two Australian Kelpies, Lexx (another SPCA rescue), and Copper


Copper retired with a myriad of obedience, agility and tracking titles (OBCH, CDX, UDX, WDX, ADX, FD) and she also starred in the 1996 Tux Wonderdogs series, also placing 2nd.


It would be fair to say that I doubt I will ever own a more talented little dog than Copper. Whatever I asked her to do, she gave it her all and she taught me how important it is to have patience and confidence.




My first dog was a rescue SPCA Ridgeback/Shepherd mix, Rusty, who, sadly, had been badly abused in his previous home.

However, after good training and much socialising, he became a happy, confident dog who will always be special in my heart.


In the mid-1980s, it was a sweet Border Collie girl called Holly who introduced me to the world of dog competitions of obedience and agility.

This was the start of my long association with North Shore Dog Training Club and the amazing instructors and friends I met at the Club and competition days were instrumental in expanding my passion and knowledge towards helping people train and understand their own dogs. Holly and I starred in the very first 1993 series of Tux Wonderdogs, taking 2nd place overall.



My other Border Collie, Lucas, is a half brother to Quest and that is where

the comparison ends!

Lucas is his own 'dog' who has taken me through the Unitec course in challenging style.

I am looking forward to working Lucas in the coming years.



Jasper is my youngest of my doggie family. His mum and dad were working Borders and this has come out in Jasper who has very high energy and play drive.



Quest has Obedience Champion, Companion Dog Excellent and Canine Good Citizen Gold titles.

He does everything with enthusiasm and is a joy to work and own. We are real soul mates, Questie and me